Remote Control Software

What Does Remote Control Software Mean?

Remote control software is a software package, often with accompanying hardware, that uses either infrared or radio frequency signals to allow a user or group to control a computer from a distance. Controlling signals may use a modem or network card to send signals across a local area network, wide area network, company intranet or the Internet.


Techopedia Explains Remote Control Software

Remote control software may be used to control unattended computers from a remote distant computer to provide instruction such as technical support to remote users. Remote control may also be used to reconfigure software and hardware at remote and unattended computers and workstations. Thus, the technology can reach millions of computers and/or their users.

Uses and applications are many, varied and often extremely convenient, especially when using a company or university intranet or the Internet. For example, classroom instructors may control student classroom station computers, and send and receive information, tests, quizzes, instructions and other data. In case, students may even participate from other countries halfway around the world.


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