What Does Techanista Mean?

Techanista is a slang term that describes someone who embraces technology and style trends. The term is an amalgamation of technology and fashionista.


A techanista strives to combine fashion and tech by creating or transforming wearable or usable gadgets.

Techopedia Explains Techanista

Before the boom of mobile technology in the 2000s, technology enthusiasts were not considered fashionistas, but as technology designs have evolved, the field of technology – and techies – have become more fashionable.

As the iPod grew in popularity, users started wearing them as fashion accessories. Today, personal and business users integrate similar gadgets with fashion trends and personal style. For example, professionals typically carry sleek black devices, and teens tend to use brightly colored smartphones. Fitness enthusiasts are often seen attached to sporty devices with earbuds.


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