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What Does Fuduntu Mean?

Fuduntu is an open-source Linux distribution operating system designed specifically for netbooks and portable computing systems. Fuduntu earns its name by its design, which is built to fit in between the Fedora and Ubuntu operating systems. This OS was first released in November 2010.


Fuduntu may also be called Fuduntu Linux.

Techopedia Explains Fuduntu

Fuduntu Linux is a powerful, general-purpose operating system that uses a monolithic kernel architecture.

Fuduntu includes a number of modifications to minimize power consumption, one of which is the integrated applet called Jupiter power management, which is designed to adjust CPU performance settings, screen resolution and output. Fuduntu Linux uses a custom GTK+ theme and an icon theme called Faenza Cuppertino, featuring four square icons. Fuduntu was originally designed for Asus Eee netbooks and personal computers. Since the design is based on Fedora and Ubuntu versions, Fuduntu features a GNOME desktop environment, allowing themes and frames to be changed.

Although Fuduntu software is specifically developed for netbooks and portable computers, it can be used for desktop computers as well.


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