Oracle Public Cloud

What Does Oracle Public Cloud Mean?

The Oracle Public Cloud is an application development platform solutions delivered entirely through the Internet on a subscription-based billing method from Oracle Corporation.


Oracle’s public cloud solution provides enterprise-class applications, middleware services and databases managed, hosted, patched and supported by Oracle itself. The services offered under Oracle public cloud are, Fusion CRM and HCM Cloud, Social Network Cloud, Database Cloud and Java Cloud and being hosted at Oracle’s datacenters by default, posses a scalable, flexible and secure architecture.

Techopedia Explains Oracle Public Cloud

Oracle public cloud is a cloud enterprise as a service (Eaas) solution imparting all the three cloud service models and enterprise IT fundamentals within one single solution provided on a self-service basis.

Oracle provides its customers the flexibility to use its powerful CRM, Human Capital Management and Social Network enterprise collaboration tools for deploying their own business application processes on them or to create customized enterprise wide complex applications by using their Java and database backend platform; hosted on Oracle’s infrastructure or can easily be deployed on most public or private IaaS clouds. Oracle public cloud is different from Oracle on-demand CRM, where the former is a comprehensive suite of different applications and the latter only provides CRM on a per license billing method.


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