What Does Cyberlocker Mean?

A cyberlocker is a third-party online service that provides file-storing and file-sharing services for various types of media files and data.


Cyberlockers are online data hosting services that provide remote storage space within a secure storage architecture. They can be accessed globally over the Internet.

Cyberlockers can also be called online storage or cloud storage.

Techopedia Explains Cyberlocker

The storage capacity provided by cyberlockers can vary depending on the storage architecture of the provider. If a cyberlocker is delivered as standard remote storage service, the user will gain access to a fixed storage space, while cloud storage architecture provides elastic storage capacity.

Cyberlockers provide cost-efficient storage, making them a convenient tool for work and personal data sharing. Authorized access ensures security, while invisibility to surveillance tools and search crawlers ensures data privacy. Because of the anonymity and restricted access they provide, cyberlockers are criticized by businesses for being used as a safe haven for piracy and people who trade pirated material.

Dropbox, Megaupload and Hotfile are among the popular cyberlocker services available.


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