What Does Hotfile Mean?

Hotfile is a one-click file hosting service that allows users to store files remotely on the company’s servers. The service can be used for deliberate file sharing, where a storer can distribute a download link to others, or for simple file backup or remote storage purposes. As a specific kind of hosting, Hotfile differs from more complex Web site hosting services in that it provides remote hosting for specific files.


Techopedia Explains Hotfile

Compared to other kinds of file hosting services, Hotfile offers several advantages for both free users and those with premium (paid) accounts. There is no restriction on file storage volume for Hotfile users, and no limitations on the number of downloads they can do, although a waiting period between downloads may apply for free users.

In terms of security features, Hotfile users may be required to use a CAPTCHA feature in order to prove that a human is seeking access to the service, rather than an automated system. CAPTCHA generally requires inputting several letters that are shown in a sequence on the user’s screen. Problems with excessively complicated CAPTCHA requests have been frustrating for some users of technologies that verify the feature.


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