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Dependency Hell

What Does Dependency Hell Mean?

Dependency hell is a term used to define the problems faced by software developers, publishers and users in general, when software or a software package is dependent on other software. Dependency hell occurs when software works abnormally or displays errors and bugs due to an integrated software/application developed by a third party.


Techopedia Explains Dependency Hell

Dependency hell is a common problem found in software/applications that are built using an add-on software package or that rely on one for complete functionality. Dependency hell can take many forms and occur for many reasons, such as the need to install add-on software libraries, the need for long chains of installations, problems with a conflicting program, the creation of circular dependencies and more. It also includes platform-specific dependencies that are related to a software development platform. DLL hell, JAR hell and extension conflict are the most common types of dependency hell.


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