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Digital Invisible Ink

What Does Digital Invisible Ink Mean?

Invisible ink, in a digital context, is a tool or method used to convey a message through steganography, the science and art of concealing information. The main idea is to replace some information with a concealed message through a cover object. With the introduction of the digital and electronic era, video and audio media provide a good cover for hiding messages.


Techopedia Explains Digital Invisible Ink

Digital invisible ink is based on the same concept as the generic meaning of the term. The classic experiment is to hide a message via lemon juice on a blank sheet of paper. Now, digital methods can be used to accomplish the same thing.

There are many data-hiding programs and applications available that implement the use of steganography digitally with functions to do things such as:

  • Imitate functions of one file to have the statistical profile of another
  • Embed pictures in a video clip
  • Hide messages within a noisy image or sound file
  • Hide data within random data or encrypted data


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