Merch Store

What Does Merch Store Mean?

The Merch Store is YouTube’s digital storefront that sells digital downloads, merchandise and concert and event tickets. YouTube announced its new feature in October 2011, and will partner with affiliates such as iTunes and Amazon for its for digital music, Songkick for concerts, and Topspin for merchandise, concert and event tickets. Official YouTube partners may sell related merchandise in the Merch Store; YouTube will take a percentage of the store’s sales.


Techopedia Explains Merch Store

In October 2011, YouTube announced that it would be rolling out the Merch Store to selected music partners in upcoming months. This move is expected to give music lovers a more engaging way to interact with their favorite musicians, as well as allow musicians to get a bigger cut of concert ticket sales. This represents a larger move by online companies to forge a closer relationship between artists who create content and those who consume it.


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