Modified Off-The-Shelf

What Does Modified Off-The-Shelf Mean?

Modified off-the- Shelf (MOTS) is a type of software solution that can be modified and customized after being purchased from the software vendor. MOTS is a software delivery concept that enables source code or programmatic customization of a standard prepackaged, market-available software.


Techopedia Explains Modified Off-The-Shelf

MOTS is designed to be used for organizations that prefer predeveloped software, which can be slightly or substantially customized to meet business objectives. MOTS-based software solutions provide partial or complete access to the source code of the underlying software. The software buyer can review the code and product literature to modify the appearance, functionality and/or the business logic of the software. Moreover, the software vendor, whether directly or through a development/integration partner, executes and manages the software modification/customization. MOTS is the opposite to COTS, which provides the same commercial software but doesn’t support any code-level modification.


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