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CSA Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge

What Does CSA Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge Mean?

The CSA Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge is a type of certification that enhances credibility for cloud service providers and vendors. The Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) developed this certification to standardize cloud based computing security.


Techopedia Explains CSA Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge

The CSA is a relatively new non-profit organization that encourages best practices for cloud computing. CCSK certification requires a test that helps demonstrate competency by vendors or providers that offer cloud services to businesses or other parties. This broad based test helps ensure that professionals understand the full range of issues facing the community of cloud computing engineers, providers and vendors.

CCSK content includes various cloud security models, as well as issues related to contract security requirements and enforceability. Participants are also tested on their knowledge of ISO standards, auditing requirements and various data uses, as well as various other issues segregated as over a dozen domains representing the test’s content.

A complement to other professional technology certifications, the CCSK test may be taken online.


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