Mobipocket Reader

What Does Mobipocket Reader Mean?

Mobipocket reader is a desktop and mobile e-book, RSS, e-document and e-news reader software developed by Mobipocket and later purchased by Amazon Inc.


Mobipocket reader allows users to organize, read and annotate their e-books with the use of its desktop or mobile reader application. Mobipocket reader works with almost all electronic document formats and provides a single interface for viewing and managing these documents.

Techopedia Explains Mobipocket Reader

Mobipocket reader was primarily designed to view e-books downloaded from the Internet. It also includes several features targeted toward book readers such as organizing the complete set of e-books and content in a virtual library, highlighting and commenting on parts of the book, dictionary support, text alignment and easy navigation among several parts of the book.

Mobipocket reader also supports the synchronization of user annotations, the formation of groups and the orchestration among different devices installed with the reader application. Mobipocket also provides means to send an e-book to another person’s device.


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