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What Does SpaceMouse Mean?


The SpaceMouse is a peripheral tool for controlling three-dimensional objects created by computer programmers. This tool represents part of the vanguard of a class of three-dimensional mouse products that allow users to use more natural movements in manipulating three-dimensional objects on a screen. A three-dimensional mouse has its own system of controls and its own signals that need to be interpreted by an operating system and/or application.

Techopedia Explains SpaceMouse

Although makers of these devices point out that they can theoretically be used with any application, the specific interface between the SpaceMouse and operating system or application needs to be supported by a driver or other facilitating resource. While computer-aided design software and other 3-D modeling tools often support the SpaceMouse and other 3-D mouse models, other software and some operating systems do not support these tools. To address this, some developers have experimented with converting signals from the SpaceMouse into the kinds of signals that a conventional computer receives from a keyboard or conventional mouse.

The basic controls of the SpaceMouse enable certain kinds of movement and manipulations. A simple twist left and right, or push up and down, will correspond to the given direction on the screen. A zoom feature and a tilt feature are also included. When a three-dimensional mouse such as the SpaceMouse is supported, it can make it a lot easier for users to access and manipulate different kinds of three-dimensional programming on their computing devices.


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