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What Does SEO Platform Mean?

An SEO Platform refers to the practice of implementing “search engine optimization” techniques for a website from within a single software package. There are many facets to a comprehensive SEO strategy, including:

  • The proper use of certain words
  • The form of anchor links
  • The inclusion of meta data
  • The development of links back to the optimized website

All these elements are geared at convincing search engines to include the website in the best position in results listings. SEO Platform software assists in planning and implementing these tactics, as well as analyzing the results.

Techopedia Explains SEO Platform

SEO optimization is not accomplished in one sitting. It is a constant cycle of setting targets, implementing tactics, viewing results and tweaking the process over and over again. The analysis of the results very often points to different strategies to consider. An SEO Platform makes this easier by providing data for a critical analysis and the ability to trend data points over time.

However, the idea of search engine optimization is a bit of black art because no one knows what trigger points actually produce results. It is like doing a rain dance to get rain. If you try hard enough and often enough, you get results. Get enough of your neighbors to do it and it becomes a science.

That being said, a search engine must use some sort of algorithmic approach to sifting through its indexed data to determine what results are best suited for a query. SEO optimization is about trying to satisfy enough of the factors in the algorithm to cause a higher ranking than the next website. A better SEO Platform is one that guides you to uncovering those high ranking factors.


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