Lightweight Browser

What Does Lightweight Browser Mean?

A lightweight browser refers to any Web browser that has minimal impact on the performance of the underlying system/computer/device. They utilize minimal storage, processer, RAM and other resources of computer while providing similar functionality, features and services as a standard Web browser.


Techopedia Explains Lightweight Browser

A lightweight browser is primarily designed to provide users with standard Web browsing experience, while degrading their system performance to minimal. Typically, lightweight browsers utilize less space on a disk, require fewer computing resources and are easy to operate and manage. They are specifically designed to operate on low-end computers and mobile devices and for general end-users, which are those having lesser or no need for advanced browser features. Moreover, the mightiest of lightweight browsers, usually found in mobile devices, will lack the support of Java Scripts, CSS and other advanced level features of a fully featured, heavier or mainstream browser.


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