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What Does Openmoko Mean?

Sponsored by Openmoko Inc., Openmoko was a project geared toward creating open-source mobile phone operating systems (OS) and software stacks available to end users. Openmoko’s goal was to create customizable and open-source mobile phone platforms based on GNU/Linux.


In 2009, Openmoko stopped designing new phones to concentrate on other hardware.

Techopedia Explains Openmoko

There were two phones released based on the Openmoko OS: Neo 1973 and Neo FreeRunner. Both are Linux based. Distributers still sell modified and updated versions of the Neo FreeRunner as the community continues to improve the software stack.

The latest version of the Openmoko phone is known as the GTA04. As of 2012, these were shipped by Golden Delicious, a German manufacturer. This phone runs the latest optimized Openmoko OS – the Openmoko Distro. It is available as a full phone or motherboard that can be inserted into earlier Neo FreeRunner phones.


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