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Mobile Network Operator

What Does Mobile Network Operator Mean?

A mobile network operator (MNO) is a telecommunications service provider organization that provides wireless voice and data communication for its subscribed mobile users.


Mobile network operators are independent communication service providers that own the complete telecom infrastructure for hosting and managing mobile communications between the subscribed mobile users with users in the same and external wireless and wired telecom networks.

Mobile network operators are also known as carrier service providers, mobile phone operator and mobile network carriers.

Techopedia Explains Mobile Network Operator

Mobile network operators create a network of high-end telecommunication devices, specialized software and client-end subscriber identity modules to provide end-to-end communication between wired and wireless telecom end-user devices.

Mobile network operators install a number of base stations, while mobile subscribers use a circuit-like chip in their cell phones to access network services when they are in the range or coverage cell of a base station. Besides providing voice dialing and receiving capabilities, MNOs also provide data communications through text messages and Internet connectivity and are now providing video communications as well.


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