Spring Framework

What Does Spring Framework Mean?

The Spring framework is a comprehensive tool for supporting applications using Java programming language. Many Web applications and other technologies use Java, and the Spring framework provides an array of resources for integrating applications, streamlining code and generally promoting more efficient development strategies.


Techopedia Explains Spring Framework

One feature of the Spring framework is the broad set of strategies that it can support and the different kinds of enterprise applications that it can enhance. Using the Spring framework can contribute to efficient, testable and versatile code, both in conventional environments as well as newer platforms like Android.

Some specific issues that Spring helps programmers to address include the idea of dependency injection, or how various code modules depend on one another. Some explain what Spring does as "wiring" together components of a project. Others suggest that Spring helps to correctly label and configure classes and code elements for efficient and accurate use. Spring can also help with other aspects of a project like job scheduling and authentication.


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