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Application Development Environment

What Does Application Development Environment Mean?

An application development environment (ADE) is the hardware, software and/or the computing resources required for building software applications. ADE is the composite set of computing resources that provides an interface or application development, testing, deployment, integration, troubleshooting and maintenance services.


Techopedia Explains Application Development Environment

An application development environment is primarily the manufacturing unit or the software engineering platform of a software application. Its primary objective is to ensure that it provides comprehensive application development resources, can be integrated with underlying hardware architecture and includes application-wide reporting features.

Generally, ADE is used to build enterprise-wide applications that need to be executed and tested on an array of different computing devices and back-end or integrated platforms. ADE may include the basic hardware infrastructure, such as servers, computers and handheld devices, that will host the application. These are combined with the software engineering resources, such as a programming language’s integrated development environment (IDE), reporting and analysis software, troubleshooting tools, and other performance evaluation software utilities.


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