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Social Media Maven

What Does Social Media Maven Mean?

A social media maven is an individual who identifies interesting or trending content and shares it with a large online network. The term social media maven is sometimes applied to people who are adept at using social media for commercial purposes, such as spreading a particular message about a product or service. As with mavens in other areas, social media mavens are seen as being more advanced in their understanding of social media than the average population.


Techopedia Explains Social Media Maven

The idea of a social media maven is a bit controversial in that many people believe that there are actually many mini-mavens within groups of friends. These mini-mavens play that role for their immediate network, giving opinions, dispensing advice, selecting the news of worth, and highlighting products and services. Social media mavens in a truer sense use their savvy to collect vast armies of followers, making them very valuable from a business perspective.


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