Blind Carbon Copy

What Does Blind Carbon Copy Mean?

Blind carbon copy (BCC) is a functionality available in most email programs through which the sender can distribute an email to one or more individuals beyond the ones to whom the email is addressed. Unlike simple carbon copy, blind carbon copy is said to be blind because it


sends a copy of the email in transit to the defined email address(s) without letting any of the recipients know about it.

BCC is used when a sender wishes to send to multiple recipients without revealing the recipients to each other, or when the sender wants to send a copy of an email to other interested parties beyond the addressed recipient.

Techopedia Explains Blind Carbon Copy

Blind carbon copy is a type of email transmission mechanism that's integrated by default in most email programs and supported by email service providers. Blind carbon copy works in collaboration with carbon copy (cc) and the "To" field to provide different ways of addressing email recipients.

The "To" field is used to add the directly addressed recipients, whereas the emails entered in the CC and BCC field will receive a copy of the email. Although the email addresses in the BCC field will also receive a copy of the email, those recipients' email addresses will not be visible to the recipients addressed in the "To" and "CC" fields, or to other recipients in the BCC field.


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