Three Deadly Middles

What Does Three Deadly Middles Mean?

Three deadly middles is a slang term used by professionals in IT and other fields. The term represents an undesirable situation where personal and work conditions converge, based on the following life and career passages:

  • Middle management
  • Middle class
  • Middle age

Techopedia Explains Three Deadly Middles

The three deadly middles term is interesting from a socioeconomic perspective. The first, middle management, involves a voluntary job choice. The second, being part of the middle class, is a condition that is generally relative to a given economic situation. The third, middle age, is a simple, inevitable demographic condition.

This term describes a perfect storm of reality that would be avoided in a perfect world. In actuality, however, the three deadly middles represent a specific aspect of a more general malaise present in today’s economy, where a number of jobs (including those in IT) are post-modern and highly conceptualized by organizations.


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