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What Does Microbrowser Mean?

A microbrowser is an Internet browser that is designed to be specifically used for browsing the Internet on mobile phones or similar handheld devices. It has the basic capabilities of a standard computer Web browser but lacks some advanced features such as handling dynamic Web pages.


Microbrowsers are also known as mobile browsers or mini browsers.

Techopedia Explains Microbrowser

A microbrowser makes it possible to view a Web page on a mobile phone/gadget. Initially, Web browsers were used to access content and websites from a WAP protocol and supported basic HTML, XML and WDML Web page formats. Some websites also have a mobile version of their site that usually provides the same content, theme and functionality but might have a different layout. Generally, a microbrowser has limited Web page zooming capability, lacks the ability to view dynamic websites and restricts users to only one Web page at a time. Popular Web browsers have a mobile version of their browser such as Opera Mini or Internet Explorer mobile.


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