NIST Cloud Computing Program

What Does NIST Cloud Computing Program Mean?

The NIST cloud computing program is a set of best procedures, practices and standards for developing, deploying and maintaining cloud computing architecture.

The NIST cloud computing program designs security assessments, procedures, and technical guidance documents on building cloud architecture and services and in supporting the federal government for all upcoming cloud initiatives.


Techopedia Explains NIST Cloud Computing Program

NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) has developed guidelines and drafted them into a formal publication available specifically for cloud adopters. These include a roadmap for organizations in depicting the ideal methods by which an organization can transform their current enterprise IT to the cloud.

The guidelines published by NIST under this program includes, cloud computing reference architecture, a standards roadmap and other government and businesses related informational guides. The roadmap prepared for US Government is divided into three distinct volumes consisting of high priority requirements in cloud for government agencies, useful information for cloud adopters and technical considerations of cloud for these agencies.


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