NIST Cloud Computing Program

What Does NIST Cloud Computing Program Mean?

The NIST cloud computing program is a set of best procedures, practices and standards for developing, deploying and maintaining cloud computing architecture.


The NIST cloud computing program provides security assessments, procedures and technical guidance for building and purchasing cloud services.

Techopedia Explains NIST Cloud Computing Program

NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) developed best practices for cloud computing and drafted them into a formal publication designed specifically for government use of cloud services.

The guidelines published by NIST under the cloud computing program include a cloud computing reference architecture, a standards roadmap and other government and businesses-related information guides.

The roadmap, which was originally prepared for US Government agencies to reduce costs and improve services, was originally divided into three distinct volumes. The first volume focused on high priority requirements for cloud computing in government agencies. The second volume focused on general information for cloud adoption and the third volume focused on technical considerations for supporting interoperability, portability and security requirements.

The IEEE 2302-2021 Standard for Intercloud Interoperability and Federation is based on NIST Special Publication 500-332.


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