Computer Network Operations

What Does Computer Network Operations Mean?

Computer network operation (CNO) is a broad military computing concept that encompasses tools, processes and methodologies to utilize, optimize and gain strategic advantages from computer networks.


CNO enables civil and military organizations and institutes to protect, defend and retaliate against computer network related attacks and vulnerabilities originated from or targeted for an enemy network or information system.

Techopedia Explains Computer Network Operations

CNO is primarily related with the computer networks of military and government organizations working for the protection of information systems and conduction network exploitation and attacks against enemies. CNO have three main components or objectives:

  1. Computer network attack (CNA): Deals with utilizing computer networks to design and perpetrate network attacks against target or enemy computer and networks.

  2. Computer network defense (CND): Is used to respond to network attacks, exploitations and intrusions done by enemy or malicious users.

  3. Computer network exploitation (CNE): Enables using computer networks to sneak / exploit / infiltrate within enemy or target networks or computers for the sake of extracting confidential information.


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