Presidential Policy Directive (PPD-8)

What Does Presidential Policy Directive (PPD-8) Mean?

The Presidential Policy Directive (PPD-8) is an initiative by the U.S. government to enhance the country’s security and resilience against emerging security challenges, threats and risks, specifically acts of terrorism, natural disasters and cyberattacks.


PPD-8 was released in 2011 by U.S. President Barack Obama. It replaces and rescinds the Homeland Security Presidential Directive (HSPD-8) on National Preparedness issued in 2003 and the HSPD-8 Annex I on National Planning issued in 2007.

PPD-8 is managed and monitored by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

Techopedia Explains Presidential Policy Directive (PPD-8)

PPD-8 is primarily a national preparedness directive that aims to systematically prepare the United States for any threat or vulnerability that could affect its security and integrity. These threats include terrorism, cyberattacks, pandemics, natural disasters and similar hazards. PPD-8 requires that the federal government deliver two major objectives over a predefined period of time.

  • National Preparedness Goal: Defines the core requirements for using a nationwide integrated approach to prepare against potential threats by using available resources.
  • National Preparedness System: A comprehensive set of programs, policies and guidelines essential for achieving the preparedness benchmark defined in the national preparedness goal. After the implementation of the national preparedness system, a comprehensive report of the overall project status must be delivered to the President.

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