Windows Live SkyDrive

What Does Windows Live SkyDrive Mean?

Windows Live SkyDrive is an online data storage and sharing utility provided by Microsoft as part of its Windows Live services.


Windows Live SkyDrive provides up to 25 GB of cloud storage space, which is accessible over the Internet anywhere, and is available exclusively to its Live services members free of charge. SkyDrive provides both private and publicly accessible storage mechanisms, where private data is only shared with users who have been authorized by the drive owner.

SkyDrive was previously called Windows Live Folders.

Techopedia Explains Windows Live SkyDrive

SkyDrive is an easy-to-use cloud storage system that enables users to store most file types on its cloud drive, but restricts an individual file to a limit of 100 MB. The drive owner may share all the data and make it publicly available to anyone, but may also limit access to only authorized users.

SkyDrive supports Office Web Apps. By default, all the files created using the cloud office suite are saved in SkyDrive. SkyDrive saves the data in default folders, or users can create new folders to manage their data more efficiently.


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