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Windows Live Movie Maker

What Does Windows Live Movie Maker Mean?

Windows Live Movie Maker is a movie creation, editing and sharing application provided within the Windows Live Essentials suite of software utilities.

Windows Live Movie Maker allows users to build movies from photos, videos and animations, providing built-in sounds and effects like typical movie-making software.

Windows Live Movie Maker was formerly known as Windows Movie Maker.

Techopedia Explains Windows Live Movie Maker

Windows Live Movie Maker software application is a stand-alone utility installed on a client desktop that provides movie editing and creation capabilities designed for general end users. Supported by Windows Vista and later Windows versions, Live Movie Maker embeds photos and videos, with built-in effects, transitions, and custom text and captions to create movies in high definition (HD).

Live Movie Maker is interoperable with Live Photo Gallery, another Live Essentials application that allows users to easily add photos and videos from specified galleries. The movies created in the application can be shared and published on social networks including Facebook, Flickr and on SkyDrive for public or restricted access.


Windows Movie Maker

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