Windows Live Mesh

What Does Windows Live Mesh Mean?

Windows Live Mesh is a syncing and remote desktop access solution that allows users to sync files and folders across different computers and Windows SkyDrive, and access their desktops via Internet from anywhere.


Windows Live Mesh is an online and offline syncing solution that keeps selected documents, photos, files and program setting preferences synced on supported operating systems up to more than 100,000 files and 50 GB of cumulative data.

Windows Live Mesh was formerly known as Live Sync and Windows Live Folders.

Techopedia Explains Windows Live Mesh

The Windows Live Mesh utility is primarily a file syncing and collaboration solution designed to keep the selected content on all the synced devices similar and up to date. Windows Live Mesh provides syncing between different workstations running Live Mesh client applications – even if they are not on the same network – and update changes made on any workstation automatically on the other when they are connected to the Internet.

Windows Live Mesh’s online and offline client application can be integrated with SkyDrive to back up and sync files and folders on cloud storage. These folders are globally accessible over the Internet, providing remote access to data, as well as remote program execution and complete access on the remote workstation.


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