Microsoft Office Web Apps

What Does Microsoft Office Web Apps Mean?

Microsoft Office Web Apps is an online version of the Microsoft Office suite that provides global and free access to Microsoft Office solutions. Rather than being installed on a user’s computer, Microsoft Office Web Apps are hosted and executed at Microsoft’s data centers.


Microsoft Office Web Apps provide access to office productivity applications including Excel, Word, PowerPoint and OneNote. These applications execute entirely over the Internet and require no installation at the client end as long as the client is running a supported Web browser. The documents created using these office applications can be saved in SkyDrive or can be downloaded for offline viewing. Microsoft Office Web Apps documents are compatible with 2007 and later versions of Microsoft programs.

Techopedia Explains Microsoft Office Web Apps

Microsoft Office Web Apps is a similar application to Google Docs. It allows users to perform typical word processing, spreadsheet, presentation and note-taking functions, much like those found in a conventional client-installed office suite. Users need a valid Windows Live, Hotmail or other Microsoft propriety email account ID to access these applications.


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