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Windows Live Photo Gallery

What Does Windows Live Photo Gallery Mean?

Windows Live Photo Gallery, developed by Microsoft, is a photo viewing, editing, sharing and organizational tool available as part of the Windows Live Essentials application suite. It provides the capabilities of a photo organizer with advanced photo editing features.


Windows Live Photo Gallery, previously known as Windows Photo Gallery, was provided as a preinstalled Windows Vista application.

Techopedia Explains Windows Live Photo Gallery

Windows Live Photo Gallery allows users to organize photos and videos in one location by importing pictures from Windows’ default My Picture folder, local storage and external storage.

Features include:

  • Facial recognition
  • Group Shot, which combines one or more images into one photo
  • Geotagging, which adds geographical location metadata to photos
  • Supports the creation of panoramas, videos and slideshows through integrated photos, videos and animation
  • Provides photo and video sharing on SkyDrive, Facebook and Flickr

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