Facebook Questions

What Does Facebook Questions Mean?

Facebook Questions is a feature that allows Facebook users to conduct polls, get recommendations and ask questions of their friends and other people on Facebook. Questions provides more functionality, better reach and greater interactivity than status updates, helping to improve and widen the social interaction on Facebook.


Techopedia Explains Facebook Questions

A Facebook user can ask questions by clicking "Ask Question" from the sharing menu. Questions may be compiled as a poll with multiple choice answers – or be open ended. The audience that receives the question also may be selected. Users can answer any questions that appear in their Facebook news feed, or can take a look at questions their friends are asking by clicking the Questions link on their Facebook homepage menu. Both individual users and Facebook page administrators may ask questions.

Facebook rolled out the Questions feature in March 2011. It was met with enthusiasm from businesses who use the feature to boost interaction with consumers through Facebook pages.


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