Triple Core

What Does Triple Core Mean?

Triple core refers to a single computational unit that includes a single chip with three different processors (cores) working at the same time. These cores are units that read and execute different program instructions. The program instructions are regular CPU instructions, including add, branch, and move data; however, the availability of three different cores in a single unit helps to execute multiple instructions simultaneously, which greatly improves overall program speed.


Techopedia Explains Triple Core

The cores incorporated into the processor are constructed from the ground up to communicate with one another. Triple-core processors are an advanced solution that is designed to enhance efficiency and system performance. The most significant improvement in performance may be identified in the enhanced response time when performing CPU-intensive processes, such as virus scans, burning of media, or file searching.

In addition, this processor is highly regarded as a low-cost gaming option. For instance, when making videos, a triple-core processor may provide 53 percent better functionality in HD quality video transcoding compared to a dual-core processor. For gaming, a triple-core processor may provide 52 percent better functionality when compared to a dual-core processor. It also includes backward compatibility with older motherboards.

The triple-core processor is very cost effective, and is available as a standalone product or as part of a PC suite. Even though this processor includes three cores, it has a very low power consumption rate.


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