Seed Nurturing

What Does Seed Nurturing Mean?

Seed nurturing is a marketing term for building relationships with potential clients prior to receiving any contact information. Seed nurturing describes all marketing efforts that are undertaken to gather information from potential clients. Once the contact information is gathered, the client is considered a qualified lead and can be moved to the lead nurturing part of the marketing process.


Seed nurturing is generally seen as a social media marketing technique whereby a company releases shareable content through social networks. The quality of this content serves a dual purpose of establishing the company as an authority in the field and/or tempting viewers into giving over contact information in order to access more content, such as a newsletter or e-book.

Techopedia Explains Seed Nurturing

Individuals who have already shown an interest in the targeted content are considered qualified leads. A simple example would be a window manufacturing company that publishes content on the benefits of new windows with links to a free 10-step window buying guide that requires email registration. After giving over their email, potential candidates are classified as qualified leads rather than seeds. Seed nurturing, therefore, refers to the process companies use to move potential customers from one category to the other.


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