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Homepage Hijacking

What Does Homepage Hijacking Mean?

Homepage hijacking refers to unauthorized browser changes that alter the homepage when a user opens a Web browser. Homepage hijacking is often included in a broader category of hacking called browser hijacking. In browser hijacking, illicit software can change the homepage default, as well as other aspects of the Web surfing experience.


Techopedia Explains Homepage Hijacking

Tools that allow for homepage hijacking are usually known as malware. These sorts of programs, which infect many computers, can slow down operations, redirect hyperlink clicks and cause other sorts of problems. Certain kinds of malware can also make pop-ups appear, inhibiting the browsing process.

Web experts recommend various strategies to protect against browser and homepage hijacking. These include the use and maintenance of anti-virus software, as well as administrative changes in Windows. Other tips include being vigilant about Internet use and avoiding unknown downloads and visits to less secure sites.


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