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Pages Per Visit

What Does Pages Per Visit Mean?

Pages per visit is a Web analytics measure of how many pieces of content (Web pages) a particular user or group of users views on a single website. Pages per visit is usually displayed as an average, which is calculated by dividing the total number of page views by the total number of visitors. It can be further broken down by country, region and even demographic in complex Web analytics programs.


Pages per visit is a broad measure of how compelling users find the content on a website and how well it is arranged for navigation.

Techopedia Explains Pages Per Visit

A larger number of pages per visit generally means that the content on a given Web page is good and the related content – the other links on the page – is relevant and interesting enough to warrant a second, third or fourth click. A low number of pages per visit may suggest that either the content is lacking or the ability to navigate easily between content is hampered by the website’s overall design/organization.


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