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What Does Quux Mean?

Quux is a meta-syntactic variable name invented only as a kind of nickname or placeholder. Like other variable names such as foo, quux may be used in computer programming as a variable name.


Techopedia Explains Quux

As a placeholder, quux is just an invented set of characters representing a variable. For example, instead of using a specific name for the variable based upon its properties and operations, many programmers might use “foo” for an initial variable, and then use “quux” for another variable. For example, instead of “a + b = 5” the code would read “foo + quux = 5.”

In addition, the particular placeholder name quux is traced back to someone named Guy Steele, and was used as his persona, a.k.a. “The great Quux” in a set of “Crunchly” cartoons that poked fun at the IT systems and practices of the 1970s.


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