Business Intelligence Architect

What Does Business Intelligence Architect Mean?

A business intelligence architect (BI architect) is a top-level sort of business intelligence analyst who deals with specific aspects of business intelligence, a discipline that uses data in certain ways and builds specific architectures to benefit a business or organization. The business intelligence architect will generally be responsible for creating or working with these architectures, which serve the specific purpose of maximizing the potential of data assets.


Techopedia Explains Business Intelligence Architect

BI architects are often tasked with developing specific data structures or implementations for a set of end users within a business. The business intelligence architect serves as a point person for programs that form an architecture for handling data, including databases, data warehouses and other storage resources. BI architects also commonly work on tasks like linking legacy or enterprise software to BI applications or platforms, and creating or handling metadata that help programs use data more efficiently and accurately.

Generally, a BI architect serves an employer by promoting clarity and efficiency in using data to drive decision-making. The BI architect often contemplates issues like good documentation, changes in IT structures, and bugs or glitches in applications and programs, in an attempt to preserve and create good systems for data use.


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