Business Process Modeling

What Does Business Process Modeling Mean?

Business process modeling (BPM) refers to the creation of a model of a business process in order to better understand that process. Business process modeling relies on conventions like Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) or Unified Modeling Language (UML) to set up models or simulations of a business process for evaluation and possible alteration.


Techopedia Explains Business Process Modeling

A business process model is often presented as a simple visual. Items like flow charts, Gantt charts or PERT diagrams are used to provide a visual model. These models serve to analyze work flow and other aspects of a business process anywhere in the larger context of a comprehensive business model.

In addition to showing how a business process currently works, business process modeling can also aid planners in developing goals and solutions around various hypothetical scenarios. In general, the business process model demonstrates the value of concise, clear visuals in a plan, and the use of accurate models to enable precise desired outcomes.


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