Data Governance Office

What Does Data Governance Office Mean?

A data governance office (DGO) is a key resource for businesses and organizations that need to be deliberate about how they use data resources. A DGO is an office in the sense of delegation, rather than being a physical location for business activities. This general allocation of talent can include a single data expert or multiple workers.


Techopedia Explains Data Governance Office

Many business consultants recommend setting up a data governance office with a full-time data governance director to head up this department. A data governance office can also include various data governance consultants, project managers or associates. Project manager roles can follow some of the general protocol for PM work in various other departments.

Data governance offices and the individuals who work within them will be responsible for comprehensive data management and all of the key aspects of storing and using data well. This includes full security for data resources, as well as issues of deployment, in which data is sent from one program or location to another. All of this is part of the exclusive domain of a data governance office and its professionals, and setting up one of these departments means that the enterprise is investing a lot of specific focus in using those raw data resources that are so important for many different types of businesses and organizations.


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