Data Integration Architect

What Does Data Integration Architect Mean?

A data integration architect is an IT departmental role that involves working on data integration solutions. Data integration architects are generally data architects, in that they manage aspects of a data architecture that serve the purposes of a business or organization. These job roles also may be customer facing, or involve working closely with teams of software developers.


Techopedia Explains Data Integration Architect

Many data integration architects work according to a set of strategies that could be labeled as agile development or agile data integration. Specific core tasks may include database modeling, working with interface specifications or managing any other process that involves how data is integrated into a specific IT architecture.

One issue that affects the deployment of a data integration architect is the controversy over whether data integration really needs it own architecture. Many experts in data handling for business would argue that businesses profit from specifically managed data integration architectures that address the needs, and future needs, of the business. Therefore, businesses often look for professional, qualified data integration architects to effectively manage these systems and develop them to serve the needs of the employer.


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