Intelligent Matching

What Does Intelligent Matching Mean?

Intelligent matching is a type of data management technique in which data is searched, indexed and retrieved from a database through a series of artificial-intelligence-based data sorting and matching algorithms. Intelligent matching makes it possible to find data based on the principles of semantics, where human-like searching and inference techniques are applied to each query.


Techopedia Explains Intelligent Matching

Intelligent matching is primarily used in maintaining and extracting databases, specifically those that are very large and complex in nature. It is generally implemented within database software, business intelligence solutions or a big data analytics application. It works by applying reasoning-based data matching techniques, which eventually deliver ideal or substantially related query results.

Some of the services intelligent matching provides include:

  • The ability to scan each object for duplication within the target database
  • The ability to remove duplicates within databases
  • The ability to search and extract relevant information from big data repositories
  • The ability to compare data, objects or files for similarities

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