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Anything But Microsoft

What Does Anything But Microsoft Mean?

Anything but Microsoft (ABM) refers to an attitude that reflects the general discontent with Microsoft’s domination in certain markets. The anything-but-Microsoft mindset has been encouraged by vendors that offer alternatives to popular Microsoft products. Microsoft has had many dominant products, including its server software, Windows operating software, Microsoft Office and Internet Explorer.


Anything but Microsoft may also be referred to as anyone but Microsoft.

Techopedia Explains Anything But Microsoft

The anything-but-Microsoft attitude may have been encouraged by Microsoft’s alleged monopolistic practices, which were highlighted in the 1998-2001 anti-trust case against the company. It may also be a result of a perceived tendency on the part of Microsoft to make unstable releases that require endless updates and security patches. However, part of it is simply a product of Microsoft’s success in that the company is the biggest target in many markets. Due to a combination of different factors – including the ABM mindset – Microsoft has seen its market share slip in some of the areas it once dominated.


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