What Does Adminispam Mean?

Adminispam is a slang term used to refer to messages from managers or executives within an organization that are sent to the majority of employees regardless of whether the information is relevant to a particular employee’s work. Adminispam is a byproduct of an attempt by an organization’s management to appear involved in all facets of the company and ensure that communication channels remain open. Unfortunately, adminispam is usually a one-way channel that floods employee inboxes with meaningless messages.


Techopedia Explains Adminispam

Adminispam is short for administrative spam and it generally has two possible causes:

  1. The executive sending the message doesn’t know the issue, project or divisions well enough to know who to send an email to, so he or she decides to send it to everyone just to be safe.
  2. Executives want to seem important or active, so they send mass emails instead of targeted emails to relevant people.

It is possible that adminispam has been around in spirit since the time of the written memo, but the adoption of organizational email virtually guarantees the presence of adminispam in employee inboxes.


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