Oracle Beehive

What Does Oracle Beehive Mean?

Oracle Beehive, developed by Oracle Corporation, is an enterprise collaboration and communication software platform delivered as an online Software as a Service (SaaS) solution. Oracle Beehive facilitates enterprise messaging, team collaboration and synchronous collaboration across multiple IT infrastructure nodes in an organization.


Techopedia Explains Oracle Beehive

The Oracle Beehive collaboration platform is integrated with a variety of software and services used to provision tools for email, calendaring, contact management, task management, team workspace creation and management and real-time collaboration, such as instant messaging and Web conferencing.

Oracle Beehive primarily facilitates cloud hosting and provisioning of interorganizational communication and interactive workspace development. Oracle Beehive provides a centralized collaboration management platform through its support of other Oracle software solutions, including Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM or EM) and Oracle Universal Records Management (Oracle URM).


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