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What Does Counter-Googling Mean?

Counter-Googling is a marketing tactic whereby companies run an Internet search on potential customers in order to provide a personalized service or unique pitch. The company can mine the public data to learn a customer’s interests and then incorporate those into the service or sales pitch. Counter-Googling refers to companies that Google customers in the same manner as customers usually Google a company before they commit to a product or service.


Techopedia Explains Counter-Googling

Counter-Googling can be very useful to companies seeking to offer personalized service in order to win a customer’s business for the long term. For example, if a company discovers some of its big clients are following various environmental causes through social media, the marketing department may pitch to these clients in a way that focuses on the company’s environmental record or charitable giving to environmental causes. Counter-Googling can be time intensive for a company, but the information it yields about clients can be very valuable.


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