What Does Cyberbeggar Mean?

A cybergeggar is someone who uses the Internet to ask for, or beg, for money in order to pay off personal financial obligations. Cyberbegging, also known as Internet begging or e-panhandling, is the online alternative of begging for money. The reasons for cyberbegging vary, and can be legitimate or exploitive.


Techopedia Explains Cyberbeggar

There are many websites that serve as a platform for cyberbegging. These are often called "cause websites," and they provide a way for individuals to explain their financial problems to potential donors and solicit donations. Begging is nothing new, but doing it online has a number of key advantages:

  • It provides greater privacy for both those soliciting donations and the donors themselves
  • Because it can be accessed worldwide it provides a wider scope of potential donors
  • Money transfer is done through Paypal or other secure online payment facilities
  • The need for charity has to be explained concisely to donors


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