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What Does Cyberslacker Mean?

A cyberslacker is an employee that uses company resources, like a workplace computer and Internet connection, for personal reasons during working hours. This includes activities that reduce employee productivity, such as playing games, shopping online or using social networking sites.


Cyberslackers are also known as cyberloafers or goldbrickers.

Techopedia Explains Cyberslacker

Because Internet connection speeds have increased and are now available in most workplaces, cyberslacking incidents have markedly increased, leading to a significant decrease in work productivity and workforce inefficiency.

Businesses have established ways to reduce or prevent cyberslacking behaviors from staff members to improve work productivity. These include:

  • Using surveillance software to track online activities of employees
  • Installing proxy servers to restrict employee access to sites that are inappropriate or not related to work
  • Setting up strict disciplinary measures for caught cyberslacking employees
  • Providing free Internet access for employees after working hours

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Margaret Rouse
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