What Does E-Dundant Mean?

E-dundant is a slang term used to refer to follow-up emails from middle managers that merely restate or rephrase a previous email. E-dundant messages are usually middle management’s attempt to take credit for or appear to be deeply involved in a subordinate’s work. E-dundant is a combination of the terms "email" and "redundant".


Techopedia Explains E-Dundant

Email is the primary means of communication for most corporations because it gives the sender the ability to include all relevant people and track replies. Normally, the ability to track an idea or an update to its source eliminates the advantage of an e-dundant message, but some corporate cultures with hierarchical communication are vulnerable. In these situations, managers include only higher level execs in email so that they can easily take credit for the work done by those below them. E-dundant messages, email trains and adminispam are all examples of email faux pas that are common in corporate environments.


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