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Privacy International

What Does Privacy International Mean?

Privacy International (PI) is a U.K.-based nonprofit organization that monitors and tracks privacy and surveillance invasions perpetrated by corporations and governments to the public – especially ordinary citizens. Founded in 1990 by Simon Davies, PI was formed with organizations from 40 countries, along with over 100 privacy experts, committed to promoting global awareness about privacy and data security.


PI is the first organization to conduct these activities internationally. The group has organized campaigns and key initiatives in over 50 countries.

Techopedia Explains Privacy International

Privacy International is a mixed group that includes IT professionals, lawyers, academics, jurists, journalists and human rights activists. The group shares a common interest in safeguarding the public and exposing illegal breaches of privacy and data security.

PI is committed to key objectives, including the following:

  • To research and raise awareness about privacy threats
  • To monitor and report on different surveillance methods and tactics
  • To work at national and international levels to ensure that privacy is legally protected
  • To search for and discober privacy protection methods through the use of technology

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